Furie: A Story of a Mother’s Love That Transcends Beyond Cultures

There were many amazing themes in this movie but the one that I think is similar to other cultures is the theme of a mother doing whatever she can in order to protect her child and keep her safe. This is something that all loving mothers; no matter their culture, country, religion or any other difference; feel and would do for their children who are a piece of them. We can see in this movie that even though Phuong was just fighting with her daughter, as soon as she notices that her daughter Mai is missing and then realises that she is kidnapped, Phuong is ready to fearlessly and ferociously do everything that she can to get her back safe and unharmed, this includes fighting men who look much stronger than her and who have weapons. In this movie, A mothers love did not only help her save her daughter but she also managed to save all of the children who were kidnapped. This movie shows the extent that mothers are willing to go to to ensure that the children are always okay. We can also see how it was her intent from the start to save her daughter; and later on to save the other children as well; as in the ending scene, she doesn’t seem to care for the attention or the gifts that she received and seems to only care about the fact that her daughter is safe and with her.

A classmate of mine mentioned in a tweet how the movie ‘Taken’ is like the western equivalent of ‘Furie’. Although ‘Taken’ shows a father saving his daughter, it still falls under the theme of parents sacrificing their all to save their children. This further cements my point that the theme of parents or in this case mothers doing everything they can to save their children is a universal one.

Although I have chosen to mainly focus on the above theme, I did want to mention how important it is to bring awareness to issues through pop culture and movies. This movie helped spread awareness about and bring attention to the important issue of organ trafficking that has been and still is happening all over the world. I recently heard a story of a young Egyptian girl who was kidnapped from her house by one of the young men who worked for her parents. It’s been many years and she has yet to be found. It is suspected that she was kidnapped for organ trafficking as this is known to be a huge issue in Egypt.


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