Cake and the Portrayal of a Strong Family Bond

Photographs: Mo Asmi

Although this movie delved into many different themes, the one that I would like to discuss and the one that I believe is present in all cultures is the theme of having a strong and unshaken family bond. Upon meeting for the first time since Zara came back from overseas, the sisters do not seem very close in their approach. But as the movie progresses, we start to see that they have a very close relationship which is seen in the scene where they were talking in the car about their memories and their past crushes. This actually reminded me of my relationship with one of my sisters where we are just as close and comfortable with each other as they look. Another scene that shows their close relationship is when Zareen quickly figures out how to make her sister feel better when she was not feeling well and they start throwing eggs at people’s houses together.

The scene where the truth about the accident is unveiled to Zara, we are shown just how strong the bond between this family truly is. Even though the family were aware that what they were doing is wrong, they still chose to do it in order to save Zara and not let her suffer.

When Zara finds out that she was lied to about the outcome of her accident years ago and that Romeo who is innocent paid the price instead of her, she gets mad at everyone, including her parents. She even storms to her comatose mother’s side and angrily screams at her. This strong and unbreakable familial bond was present the day after this happened, when the family decides not to take the mum to a hospital which she needs to survive and Zara starts crying and begging everyone to consider taking her to a hospital in the hopes of her surviving and becoming better.

It seemed like the main family in this movie are Muslims which would explain the importance of keeping family ties as family kinship is something that is stressed upon in Islam as something that she should be kept. But even if they were not Muslims, it is possible that family kinship has become a cultural aspect of Pakistani life, even with non-Muslims as the majority of Pakistan’s population follow the Islamic religion and so it may have become a customary thing with all Pakistanis. I grew up as a Muslim in Lebanon and my family and I made sure to visit the graves of departed family members during Eid, which stands for the Islamic holidays. There we would recite a quranic verse. This further proves how important family kinship is in Islam, that it is practised even with family members who are not with us anymore.


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