Mental Health in South Korea

I have decided to research mental health in South Korea as the topic for the digital artifact and reflection report assessment. I have specifically delved into how mental health affects both famous and everyday South Koreans. There is a variety of reasons behind South Korea having the highest suicide rates among OECD countries (haydn-an, 2020). Continue reading “Mental Health in South Korea”

HiScore Girl and the Gaming Culture in Japan

This anime’s main story line is based off of games and specifically the ones played at arcades. Although the relationship between the two main characters starts of tense as they are very competitive while playing, they end up enjoying each other’s company. Hence, their meeting and friendship both would not have occurred if it weren’tContinue reading “HiScore Girl and the Gaming Culture in Japan”

Cake and the Portrayal of a Strong Family Bond

Photographs: Mo Asmi Although this movie delved into many different themes, the one that I would like to discuss and the one that I believe is present in all cultures is the theme of having a strong and unshaken family bond. Upon meeting for the first time since Zara came back from overseas, the sistersContinue reading “Cake and the Portrayal of a Strong Family Bond”

Furie: A Story of a Mother’s Love That Transcends Beyond Cultures

There were many amazing themes in this movie but the one that I think is similar to other cultures is the theme of a mother doing whatever she can in order to protect her child and keep her safe. This is something that all loving mothers; no matter their culture, country, religion or any otherContinue reading “Furie: A Story of a Mother’s Love That Transcends Beyond Cultures”

Love for Sale: An Inside look into Indonesia

‘Love for Sale’ is an Indonesian movie that was released in 2018. It discusses the story of Richard, a middle aged man trying to find a women who would only go out with him for the night of his friend’s wedding. This search leads him to the loveinc. company and to meeting Arini, the movie’sContinue reading “Love for Sale: An Inside look into Indonesia”

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